Why mutual funds underperform the market?

4 top reasons according to Peter Lynch

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Do active funds really underperform?

The lie of statistics and cherry picking

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Magic formula/Acquirer's multiple in 2021

Why it worked for me in 2021, and why it doesn't matter

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Best performing assets against inflation

What type of assets (and why) perform best in an inflationary environment

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The 2020 IPOs surge is fueled by bigger tech startups

Does history rhyme, or is it something new?

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Company valuation using discounted cash flow

Discounted Cash Flow analysis explained and demonstrated

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Why Slack lost to Teams - Bundling and distribution

Big companies have an unfair advantage in distribution and bundling

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Using checklists for investing

Checklists are a superpower for the thoughtful investor

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Why active investing? Investing path part 3

Is active investing the route for you as a full-time working individual?

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Funds and Real estate - Investing path part 2

Why investing with funds is problematic? how good is real estate and what are the pitfalls?

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Savings, Inflation and Index funds - Investing path part 1

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Long time horizon is our investing edge

How having a time horizon of 10+ years serves us to outperform the market.

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Control your environment - control your investments

How managing your environment can impact your long term investing goals

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Investing Desk picks #4

What works on wall street lecture

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Investing Desk picks #3

Regression to the mean is dead? & How to value companies

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