The last few years saw an explosion in investing tools available for research. Especially 2021 - bubbles draw many new investors to the market and many smart people start selling shovels.

But when the bubble fog clears, so does the marketing budgets of most of the tools. We remain with a few big winners that you hear about all the time due to big marketing budgets sponsoring everything that moves in the industry.

Lucky for you, I'm not nearly big enough to be sponsored by anyone - so I'm 100% unbiased and can recommend truly the best tools.

But why just recommend when I can go the extra 1,000 miles and enable each of you to make the best decision for YOUR needs. That's why I created a site where I indexed every investing tool I could find in an easy to compare way and with screenshots of the product.

Yes. I really used, tested, and indexed more than 30 tools for you. You can see it here:

A glimpse of the site

If you do want to see me highlight some of the tools I find interesting, you can watch this short (7 minutes) video: