Hi, I'm Snir David

This is the Investing desk

Snir David

I'm a long-term investor passionate about smart investing and mental models. My mission is to empower individual investors to create wealth and achieve their freedom through smart investing.

I focus on long-term investing with the investing frameworks created by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, and more. I strive to analyze companies as an owner, understand their industries and outlook as well as have deep insights into their financials.

The gates to my content:

If you are new to investing, I suggest starting with my 3 part series of Choosing your investing path. It includes discussion about savings, inflation, index funds as well as investment funds and real estate and ends with why I chose active investing

I also suggest giving a try to my special purporse calculators to visualize investing outcomes: investor calculator for stock market strategies and real estate investing calculator and visualizer.